& DOT assessment

I offer multiple services to clients and other professionals. The common thread through everything I do is my saying, "The story always wins". The story you believe about yourself and what you deserve is what will manifest. That narrative will run your life until you dismantle it, and rewrite it. My approach is to help you figure out where you learned these things, and discard the things that cause you pain or are no longer productive.  In my experience, when people are asked the right questions and given the space to be heard, they can find their own answers.  

I don't think there are many things that make us better people that aren't also difficult to some degree. If you are open-minded, motivated to change, and willing to be honest with yourself and the therapist, it will make it as comfortable as possible.

Retreats are a way to have a recharging experience, with little time commitment and less cost than ongoing therapy.


I hold retreats in the Hill Country near Austin, TX. They are typically 1-2 nights, with 8-10 attendees. Content can include topics of work/ life balance, elements of Brene' Brown's work and writings, including Daring Way materials, yoga, & expressive art.

Retreats can be a solution to barriers to therapy

Lora Hufton

Retreat assistant and expressive arts facilitator


& Supervision


& Workshops

Are you a QSAP for dot?

I can provide CEU's approved by the Texas Boards of LPC's, LMFT's, and Social Work. I am also a licensed supervisor for LPC-I candidates seeking full licensure as an LPC. I also speak regionally and nationally on topics relating to counseling practice.

Jenn Matthews

Owner/ Operator.

Meet Our Team

  • Austin TAAP Symposium, May 2016
  • Rock Springs Hospital community CEU event 2017
  • Appeared on A&E Intervention August 2016
  • Suspending Judgement community event, July 2018

is therapy difficult?

I am a qualified substance abuse professional (QSAP) as recognized by the Department of Transportation (DOT). I am qualified to perform assessments needed to complete the return to duty process required by DOT.

What training is offered?

Speaking engagements for Jenn

  • Rock Springs private staff CEU Aug 2018
  • TAAP State Conference, San Antonio August 2018
  • Daring Way Courage Camp, October 2018
  • NAADAC webinar series, December 2018


I am a private counselor based in San Marcos, TX.