trauma & Abuse

I am trained in Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR), a therapy that can treat trauma. I am trained in the Trauma Conscious Yoga Method™ and encourage mind/ body reconnection.

Clinicians I recommend

2018 - "This retreat was a fantastic experience. The correlation between shame and values made me see my life and actions in a way I've never even come close to thinking about before."

2018 - "This weekend was the perfect balance of therapeutic material, connecting with new people, relaxing, and recharging!"

2018 - "I loved Jenn as a facilitator. She's assertive enough to keep everyone participating, but not letting anyone steamroll the group, while still holding space for participants to self- direct certain topics." 

Jordan Robertson, LMFT

Specializing in couple's work, grief work, and LGBT issues

a note from jenn

substance abuse

I have worked with addiction since 2006. I typically see clients after they complete inpatient care. I conduct DOT assessments as a QSAP for return to duty requirements of Department of Transportation.

Retreat Testimonials

In all relationships, including therapy, you should feel heard, respected, & free to be yourself.

Carol Horton, LPCS
​Specializing in sand tray work and play based interventions. Supervisor for LPC-I's.

Lora Hufton, LPC-I, EMDR trained
Lora is currently only available in retreat settings.

I have an agreement with everyone I see: Our sessions are confidential, we will be honest with each other, and although we are free to say anything we want to each other, we won't disrespect each other. I think those things have to be in place so that our relationship provides a foundation to do hard work. 

Shame & worthiness

Feelings of shame & disconnection? Struggling with perfectionism? Fear of failure? I use elements of Brene' Brown's work & am certified in her Daring Way™ program to address these issues. 

Whitney Bliss, LPC
Specialized training in Internal Family Systems, Attachment (NARM trained), and violence in relationships.